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Paola barn and free range chickens

Our Story

We are first-generation ranchers who moved from Denver, Colorado to try and create a life away from the big city. Robbie worked in corporate insurance and real-estate and Jamie still works as a high school teacher. We enjoy country living (as it is a different kind of busy) and we are learning how to manage the land with regenerative practices. Follow us to learn more about the journey. 

Pasture-Raised Chicken


Our chickens are raised outdoors where they enjoy scratching and pecking in the pasture. We believe in regenerative farming practices, so the chickens are moved daily to enjoy fresh grass. Since chickens are not ruminant animals their diet is supplemented with non-GMO and non-medicated feed. The birds are hand-harvested at a USDA-inspected butcher that air-chills at the peak of freshness.

Grass Fed and Finished Beef


Almost all cattle are grass-fed at some point in their lives, so don’t be fooled when the labels read grass-fed. The difference in nutritional value is FINISHING the cattle on grass. We rotationally graze our cattle on pasture to maximize the variety of grasses and overall health of the animal. The outcome is our grass-finished beef is leaner, higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and CLAs (an essential fatty acid that fights cancer and inhibits body fat), as well as higher in Vitamin A and E.

Pasture Raised Eggs


Eggs from chickens raised on pasture are the best eggs you can eat. We allow our chickens to free-range in our pastures during the day. At night they live in a mobile chicken coop so they move with our cattle and sheep. This allows for a variety of grasses and bugs that keeps our hens happy, our eggs nutritious, and our pastures fertilized.

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